When I was a child I lived on a farm. My whole life is surrounded by dogs. I had a karst shepherd, a cocker spaniel, golden bearers, a bern. In 1995, I bought my first rough collie  with pedigree. But he was hit by a car at 4 years. Immediately after his death, I bought Blue-Merle puppy Shelly. Both were from the Ashianty kennel. At that time, I realized that this was a kennel for me. Their stylishness, long hair that floats in the wind, their gentle character and look, perfectly fascinates your soul and heart. So, in 2009, I bought a Baron, I named it As. But it turned out to be a really unfortunate name because we had to sleep at the age of 5 because of 2 tick diseases. In 2012, I imported Gloria from Hungary, "Rineweld Ice Flower". Descendant of the World Champion. In 2014 I registered a kennel At intermittent lake. Because we live near Cerknica Lake, the largest intermittent lake in Europe. Litter A was received on August 31, 2014. Mother was our Megy, and father is Czech father Eastwood Leawrey. We got 4 puppies. The selected female in the Arrely litter, Arrely Shooting Star we kept at home, Amazing Summer Grace- * Gina * went to Muto and reached 2 times the bob, Ashes Wind of Fall- * Rubi * went to Ptuj and used for breeding. The only child in the Mex- Atil Blowing Wisdom litter lives happily as a house amusement in Dvor. In Hungary, I imported Madoxa-Good Luck for Life and Sherborne, the son of European Champion Eu.CH Nyitramenti Eusebio in 2015. The next year, I re-imported blue-merle female Charmin- "Dallinaire Mystic Charm, daughter of Multi Champion and very successful puppy puppies" On June 10, Megy reunited four puppies, three males and one female. Blowing In The Wind Bill of Kassiopeia The beauty of the Rising Sun found a home in Medvode, the most beautiful in the litter, Barth From The Fire Story, Podčetrtek went to the family of Bach, the second most beautiful, and Blink Star and Bright Flame went to Ljubljana and Menges 10 days after that, our Arrely had four puppies, again three males and one female. Again in the litter was the most beautiful female Calypso Goddess Silence, who stayed at home, and Columbo of the Moonlight, who found a home in Bohinj. The Castle Power went to Dutovlje and Captain Harlock to Krško. And this was started of my breeding.



The dog is happy in nature, in the forest,when they are lying on the couch, walking on walks and is loyal to his owner, wearing balls ... I  give such as life.

We live in nature, surrounded by many forests. Dogs grow up with children and thus feed on quality food.

We carefully select beautiful, healthy and friendly breeds, mate in terms of non-duplication of mistakes, and we breed the (classic) type of Scottish shepherd, with not too lush hair and, of course, take them to the standard of this breed and regularly import new blood. We avoid being aggressive in scary lines. We pick up all 3 colors, and a couple of times a year we have puppies. Puppies are socialized, used other dogs, children, different sounds before going to a new home ... Transport for puppies are organised around the world.

To make sure, you can visit us at any time!