Litter I-28th November 2019

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The first litter of our top Russian male Celt, where we got 7 puppies, one sable female, one sable male and 5 tricolor males. Quite a few puppies have successfully completed a small school course, and female Ilaria also took a course for a companion dog in Switzerland, because her owner's right leg often fails and so our cute puppy is a really great helper.


Ilaria at Intermittent lake- Ilaria( Claudia Rietmann, Zürich, Switzerland)-F
Irresistible Craving at Intermittent lake- Don( Monika Žibret. Slovenia)-M
Indigo Black at Intermittent lake- Indigo (Kristjan Bartol, Slovenia)-M
Ikarus at Intermittent lake- Ikarus(Family Zorko, Slovenia)-M
Ivanhoe at Intermittent lake-Ivy(( Mišo Medjič, Slovenia)-M
Indiana Jones at Intermittent lake- Johny(Prosivanović, Slovenia)-M
Imperious Defender at Intermitent lake- Lord (Petra Šušteršič, Slovenia)-M